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Why Is Raw Milk Banned When It's 35,000 Times SAFER Than Others?

Why Is Raw Milk Banned When It's 35,000 Times SAFER Than Others?

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  • According to the US government's own data, you are about 35,000 times more likely to get sick from other foods than you are from raw milk.
  • Between 1999 and 2010, there were only an average of 42 cases of illness per year attributed to raw milk. Meanwhile, an estimated total of 48 million foodborne illnesses occur each year from all foods.
  • Pasteurization protects you from deadly pathogens contained in CAFO milk. However, milk from free-range grass-fed cows does not need to be pasteurized as it is inherently less prone to contamination to begin with.

By Dr. Mercola

As you're probably aware of by now, there's a war being waged against raw milk. It's nothing less than an unconstitutional assault on one of your most basic rights, i.e. your right to choose what you want to eat and drink, and one of the excuses used to defend the violent persecution of those who dare sell this healthful food is that unpasteurized (raw) milk endangers human health. 

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