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Ignore All Organic Labels, Except This One

Ignore All Organic Labels, Except This One

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  • Many companies will use deceptive but legal loopholes to hide the unhealthy nature of the foods they want you to purchase.
  • Words like "pure" and "fat-free" may sound healthful, but due to lack of standard definitions and outright creative application of these words, they're oftentimes far from what you’d consider truthful.
  • Labels like "all-natural" and "organic" can also be sorely misleading. The first means virtually nothing when it comes to processed foods, and the only organic label worth paying attention to is the USDA Organic seal.
  • Nutritional facts can be off by up to 20 percent before breaking any regulations, and currently you have no way of knowing if a food contains genetically modified ingredients as labeling is not required.
  • The best way to avoid being misled is to limit or eliminate foods that require a listing of its ingredients in the first place, which leaves you with fresh (preferably organic) WHOLE foods.

By Dr. Mercola

Are the words written on food packaging honest?

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