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Vitamin D is Better than Fluoride in Reducing Cavities

Vitamin D is Better than Fluoride in Reducing Cavities

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  • Dental caries has been shown to be inversely related to total sun exposure, with those living in sunnier areas having about half as many cavities as those living in less sunny areas
  • Increasing you and your family’s vitamin D levels appear to be a much better option compared to drinking fluoridated water, as there are many additional health benefits of vitamin D, and a number of adverse effects of water fluoridation, including dental fluorosis and potential reduction in IQ
  • There are multiple connections between your oral health, heart disease, and vitamin D status, and higher vitamin D levels have been found to prevent health problems related to your mouth, heart, and cardiovascular system
  • Vitamin D may also play a crucial role in cancer. Grassroots Health is now implementing the world’s first cancer prevention project and study to evaluate vitamin D as a preventive strategy against breast cancer. Participants are being sought

By Dr. Mercola

Studies have linked geographical variations in dental health and tooth loss to sun exposure.

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