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How Many More of these "Unavoidably Unsafe" Drugs Will Become Mandatory?

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  • Your health and liberty is seriously threatened by increasing pressure from pharmaceutical- and medical lobbyists promoting more mandatory vaccinations, effectively branding unvaccinated citizens as enemies of the state
  • The base cost for a child to get every government recommended vaccine in a private pediatrician's office has increased from $80 per child in 1986 to a whopping $2200 per child in 2011 Americans, who represent about five percent of the world's population, consume nearly 40 percent of all pharmaceutical products sold
  • American children are now receiving 70 doses of 16 vaccines, starting from the day of birth—three times as many as they received in the early 1980's
  • In February, the U.S. Supreme Court granted pharmaceutical industry total immunity from lawsuits—even if they could have made a vaccine less harmful—because vaccines are "unavoidably unsafe"

By Dr. Mercola

For more than a century pharmaceutical companies have created and enjoyed a lucrative monopoly on health care in America.

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