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Death in Days: Beware of This Bacteria

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  • Anthrax is a bacteria that forms potent spores that can remain alive under harsh conditions for 100 years or longer. Once the ideal conditions are present once again, the spores open up and start reproducing. The rugged survivability of the anthrax spore is what makes it such a powerful biological weapon
  • Inhaled spores can cause overwhelming infection, and can be lethal in as little as two to seven days. It is, however, very responsive to antibiotics, and if antibiotics are administered before you become symptomatic, they tend to be 100 percent effective
  • The threat of bioweapons can easily be manufactured for financial gain using the Problem-Reaction-Solution process. The bizarre anthrax letters incident 10 years ago boosted biodefense budget by $60 billion dollars, and the anthrax vaccine maker received a $1.4 billion contract for vaccines for public use. This contract was recently renewed to the tune of $1.25 billion dollars
  • A law indemnifying vaccine makers from liability for injuries due to pandemic vaccines increase the risk of serious side effects from those vaccines, as it creates a negative incentive to perform rigorous safety studies

By Dr. Mercola

Dr. Meryl Nass is one of the leading experts on the anthrax vaccine, which is relatively obscure yet has an interesting history, with which Dr. Nass is very familiar.

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