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These 2 Mistakes Can Make You Hungrier and Fatter...

These 2 Mistakes Can Make You Hungrier and Fatter...

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  • Eating a low-fat diet and avoiding sun exposure is destructive to health, and if adhered to during pregnancy may harm your child’s brain development.
  • Gestational diabetes may be the outcome of excessive refined carbs and inadequate fat intake during pregnancy—it’s your body’s way of trying to maintain an adequate supply of essential fat for the embryo. Vitamin D deficiency will further compound the problem.
  • Using sunscreen endangers your health, and that of your unborn child when pregnant. Your body was designed to tan without sunscreen—the melanin in tanned skin prevents sunburn, and the vitamin D created protects you not just from skin cancer, but from virtually ALL cancers.
  • Overwhelming amounts of evidence show that the easiest and most effective way to lose weight is to adopt a high-fat, low-carb diet.

By Dr. Stephanie Seneff

Just about everyone in America is convinced of two well-established tenets for how to live a long and healthy life:

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