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Flu Vaccine: The Horrible "Immune System Mistake" Millions Will Make This Year

Flu Shot

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  • New research in the Journal of Virology found that the seasonal flu vaccine may weaken children’s immune systems and potentially increase their chances of catching other influenza viruses
  • Children who did not receive a flu shot naturally built up <i>more antibodies across a wider variety of influenza strains</i> compared to vaccinated children
  • There are many unanswered questions about whether or not the flu shot is safe and effective as more studies are published showing it is neither
  • It is primarily the state of your health and immune system that determines whether or not you will get sick from being exposed to viral or bacterial organisms associated with infectious diseases like the flu. While healthy lifestyle choices will boost your immunity, vaccinations can be immune-suppressing

By Dr. Mercola

Before you decide to get a flu shot for yourself or your child, take a few minutes to look into the research on both their effectiveness and safety.

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