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X-Ray Mammography: This "Life Saving" Tool May Lead You Straight to Invasive Breast Cancer

X-Ray Mammography: This "Life Saving" Tool May Lead You Straight to Invasive Breast Cancer

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  • Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS). the abnormal growth of cells within the milk ducts of the breast, is considered non-invasive or "stage zero breast cancer," with some experts arguing for its complete re-classification as a non-cancerous condition
  • Many conventional physicians view DCIS as "pre-cancerous" and argue that, because it <i>could</i> cause harm if left untreated it <i>should</i> be treated in the same aggressive manner as invasive cancer; however the rate at which DCIS progresses to invasive cancer is still largely unknown, with the weight of evidence suggesting it is significantly less than 50 percent -- perhaps as low as 2-4 percent
  • Watchful waiting may be the more sensible approach upon diagnosis with DCIS, but most women are not informed of this option
  • Many invasive screen-detected breast cancers spontaneously regress when left untreated
  • Because DCIS is almost always asymptomatic and has no palpable lesions, it would not be known as a clinically relevant entity were it not for the use of x-ray diagnostic technology; the United States, which has one of the highest x-ray mammography rates, also has the highest level of DCIS in the world

By Sayer Ji

Early detection through x-ray mammography has been the clarion call of Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns for a quarter of a century now.

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