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New Warning About Manicures, Piercings and Tattoos


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  • Hepatitis B is transmitted through contact with blood and/or body fluids of an infected person. Common routes of infection include IV drug abuse, sexual activity with an infected partner, and blood transfusion. But any procedure where contaminated tools can break your skin, such as manicures/pedicures, tattoos, or body piercings can spread the infection
  • Fears about hepatitis B may lead some people to mistakenly assume vaccination is the best answer, but this vaccine is fraught with dangerous side effects
  • Routine vaccination against hepatitis B for newborns began in 1991, but children rarely have detectable antibodies in the blood 7-10 years after vaccination, indicating that the inoculation does NOT provide lasting protection
  • Aside from the potential of spreading infectious disease, certain manicure procedures and most nail polishes typically involve or contain a number of toxic chemicals that can wreak havoc if accidentally introduced into your body. Most problems arise due to chemicals getting into abrasions, which can easily occur if a nail file slips or if your cuticles are cut back too far

By Dr. Mercola

About 4.4 million Americans are living with chronic hepatitis -- and most of them have no idea they have it. A new study has shown that customers in nail salons could be putting themselves at risk for the deadly disease.  Many nail salons use sharp instruments, which carry a risk of infection if they are re-used. 

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