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The Dr. Oz Show: My Latest Jaw Dropping Interview

The Dr. Oz Show: My Latest Jaw Dropping Interview

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  • The primary ingredient in “silver” dental fillings (amalgam) is mercury; if you have silver fillings, mercury is released into your mouth every time you chew, grind your teeth, brush your teeth, etc.
  • Chlorella, a single-celled micro-algae, is a very effective detoxification tool to help eliminate accumulated metal toxins, including mercury, from your body
  • If you have silver fillings, it would be wise to take chlorella with every meal to support your body’s detoxification process and ability to eliminate mercury
  • Chlorella has a tough outer cell wall that cannot be broken down because we have no enzymes that do that; it is imperative that the manufacturing process break down the tough outer cell wall for you, as this is the only way to make the chlorella biologically active so it can bind to and help eliminate toxins from your body

By Dr. Mercola

Dr. Oz invited me back to New York to tape another segment for his show. The show, which will mark my fourth appearance as a guest, will be airing today, Tuesday February 21. Check the schedule for your area in this linkWe talked about a number of interesting topics, but one in particular left the audience completely shocked...

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