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He Murdered a Friend After Taking This Best-Selling Drug

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  • A Canadian judge has ruled that Prozac caused a teenage boy to murder his friend, as the drug caused him to overreact “in an impulsive, explosive and violent way”
  • Many drugs, particularly antidepressants, are associated with violence, including suicidal and homicidal tendencies. Of the top 10 drugs linked to violence, half are antidepressants
  • Recent research has discovered that certain genetic variations may predispose you to homicidal behavior following exposure to antidepressants, due to an inability to properly metabolize the drugs
  • Studies have found that up to 75 percent of the benefits of antidepressants can be duplicated by a placebo. So not only are these drugs ineffective, but the evidence is clear that most of these drugs in fact increase your risk of suicide and violence, including homicide
  • Diet and lifestyle factors such as sun exposure, exercise, and intestinal health are root causes of many mental health issues, and need to be addressed in order for healing and recovery to occur. Guidelines and recommendations included

By Dr. Mercola

A Canadian judge has ruled that a teenage boy murdered his friend because of the effects of Prozac.

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