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New Study Shows Sleeping Pills Linked to Increased Risk of Death and Cancer

New Study Shows Sleeping Pills Linked to Increased Risk of Death and Cancer

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  • New study findings revealed that people who take sleeping pills are not only at higher risk for certain cancers, they are also nearly four times more likely to die than people who don't take them
  • Sleeping pills generally only increase the amount of time you sleep by a matter of minutes, and far from waking up refreshed, they can impair your functioning the next day, making you even less alert and more disoriented
  • Other strange side effects linked to sleeping pills include hallucinations, sleep walking, sleep driving, sleep eating, amnesia, and depression
  • Sleeping pills do nothing to help the underlying reasons why you're having trouble sleeping in the first place; improving your sleep hygiene habits and your bedroom environment can go a long way toward helping you get restful sleep naturally

By Dr. Mercola

If you're struggling with sleep deprivation, you may be tempted to try anything to get some quality sleep.

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