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One of the Worst Ways to Eat Eggs

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  • Eggs generally come from one of two sources: confined animal feeding operations or CAFO’s, where the hens are typically kept caged indoors, or smaller farms where the hens are not confined, but rather allowed to pasture freely
  • Hens’ natural diet consists of seeds, green plants, insects, and worms. CAFO birds are primarily fed a diet of corn and soy-based feed; most of which is genetically engineered. The difference in diet makes the eggs they produce vastly different nutritionally
  • You can tell the eggs are free range by the color of the egg yolk. Foraged hens produce eggs with bright orange yolks. Dull, pale yellow yolks are a sure sign you’re getting eggs form caged hens that are not allowed to forage for their natural diet
  • Free range eggs are truly an ideal food; it’s not only one of best proteins you can get, it’s also one of the least expensive. They’re best eaten raw, or soft-boiled. Scrambled eggs are the most damaged, and will not provide the same health benefits as raw or partially cooked eggs

By Dr. Mercola

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