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Aspartame: Is This FDA-Approved Sweetener Causing Brain Damage?

Aspartame: Is This FDA-Approved Sweetener Causing Brain Damage?

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  • New research has revealed that long-term consumption of aspartame leads to oxidative stress, vascular congestion and an imbalance in the antioxidant/pro-oxidant status in the brain
  • The amino acids in aspartame literally attack your cells, even crossing the blood-brain barrier to attack your brain cells, creating a toxic cellular overstimulation, called excitotoxicity
  • You might not realize you're having a reaction to aspartame; most people don't make the connection between their headaches, fatigue, anxiety attacks and other symptoms until they conduct an elimination diet
  • You can help break free from aspartame addiction by addressing the emotional component of cravings; stevia, a natural herb, is a safer alternative to add sweetness to your food or beverages

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