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How Factory Farmers Use the Media To Distort Reality and Make Them Look Good!

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  • The Pork Producers Council has released a video that makes confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) look like idyllic family farms; in reality, these factories are among the most cruel, most polluting and most disease-ridden facilities on the planet
  • The vast majority of the nearly 66 million pigs raised for food in the United States are raised on CAFOs, where they are subject to mental and physical anguish, not to mention subject to incredibly unhealthy practices, like the administration of low-dose antibiotics and living in their own waste
  • People living near hog CAFOs are exposed to odorous emissions linked to decreased lung function, cardiovascular ailments, neurological problems, asthma, and premature death; drinking water is also often contaminated by animal waste runoff
  • Corporate-owned CAFOs have been highly promoted as the best way to produce food for the masses, but the only reason CAFOs are able to remain so "efficient" is because they substitute government-subsidized crops for pasture grazing; many small farms, however, produce their own forage without government assistance
  • To protect your health, the environment, and animal welfare, support the small family farms in your area, particularly organic farms that respect the laws of nature and use the relationships between animals, plants, insects, soil, water and habitat to create synergistic, ethical, self-supporting, non-polluting, GMO-free ecosystems

A ridiculous video from the Pork Producers Council attempts to explain why factory pig farming is a wonderful thing.  

They say they put up "modern" barns to protect animals from harsh weather, illness and predators … which when translated to reality means the pigs never get to see the light of day, are packed in so tightly, living in their own feces, that illness runs rampant, and as for predators, well, the farm workers themselves are often caught in acts of abuse.

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