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New Study Shows Obesity Rate Is Actually Far Worse than Previously Recognized

New Study Shows Obesity Rate Is Actually Far Worse than Previously Recognized

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  • Based on BMI, about one-third of Americans are considered obese, but new research shows that when other methods of measuring obesity, such as body fat percentage, are factored in, that number may be closer to 60 percent
  • Body-mass index (BMI), which gauges weight in relation to height, is widely used as a measure of overweight and obesity, but it is a flawed measurement tool, as it tells you nothing about where fat is located in the body, and does not measure body fat
  • Levels of the hormone leptin are also strongly associated with body fat percentage; testing your leptin levels could be used in addition to your BMI to help get a more accurate picture of your true risk of obesity and related diseases
  • Measuring your waist circumference and your body fat percentage are two tools that may be superior to BMI for measuring your risk of obesity-related diseases, and are powerful indicators of your health

By Dr. Mercola

In the United States, where two-thirds of all states already have obesity rates exceeding 25 percent, and 12 states now have obesity rates over 30 percent, it is shocking to hear that these rates may actually be underestimated.

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