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Why Stress Makes It Harder to Kick the Common Cold

Too Much Stress

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  • The stress hormone cortisol may play an intricate role in why high levels of stress have such a detrimental impact on your immune system.
  • When stress becomes chronic your immune system becomes less sensitive to cortisol, which actually heightens the inflammatory response. This is what actually leads to coughing, sneezing and other cold symptoms, as well as makes you more vulnerable to getting sick.
  • Chronic stress also exerts a powerful negative influence on your epigenetic health, turning on and off genes that influence your likelihood of getting sick.
  • Addressing emotional stressors, as well as adhering to a healthy lifestyle that includes optimized vitamin D levels, will help you avoid colds and stay well.

By Dr. Mercola

Stress has a major influence on the function of your immune system, which is why you've probably noticed you're more likely to catch a cold when you're under a lot of stress. This is true for both acutely stressful episodes, such as preparing a big project for work, and chronic stress, such as relationship troubles or grief.Both will deteriorate your immune system and leave it less able to fight off infection.

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