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Is Your Food Sourced from the Plant Equivalent of AIDS?

Is Your Food Sourced from the Plant Equivalent of AIDS?

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  • One of the two traits that accounts for practically all of the genetically engineered crops grown in the world today gives plants resistance to glyphosate (the active ingredient in Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup). Dr. Don Huber, a plant pathologist with 50 years experience, explains why the introduction of glyphosate-resistant genes into different crops is wreaking havoc with the environment, as well as animal, and most likely human, health
  • Glyphosate does not affect the primary mechanism that causes death in the plant; rather it turns off the plant’s self-defense mechanism, allowing soil-borne fungi to quickly kill the plant. In essence, the plant’s immune system is dramatically impaired, much like a human AIDS patient
  • In addition to being a broad-based herbicide, glyphosate also has potent biocide activity. It stimulates some soil organisms while being quite toxic to others. Overall, its presence disturbs the natural balance of soil microbe and alters the soil biology, creating “super-pathogens”
  • Each genetic alteration stresses the plant. This is referred to as the “yield-drag aspect.” Inserting genetic material into multiple species of plants to impart the same resistance (in this case, resistance to glyphosate), significantly increases the vulnerability of the plants

By Dr. Mercola

Genetic selec­tion to improve crops began when people invented farming, but most of this inheritance cannot be patented, and is therefore useless as a source of profit.  Using genetic engineering (GE) to modify crops is radically different than time tested traditional hybridization techniques and offers inviolate proprietary control.

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