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Courts Slaps FDA and FTC for Unjustified Attacks

Courts Slaps FDA and FTC for Unjustified Attacks

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  • A U.S. district court judge has ruled that the FDA went too far in adding a disclaimer to a qualified health claim about green tea and cancer; the FDA’s disclaimer effectively “negates the substance-disease relationship claim altogether,” and a revised disclaimer must be written
  • The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) also suffered a loss in its efforts to hold a marketer of dietary supplements in contempt of a previous consent order; the FTC alleged that the company violated the order by making false and baseless claims about its vitamin C and omega-3 fat based products, but the court ruled that the FTC had failed to prove that any of the challenged claims violated the consent order
  • Meanwhile, the FDA went against the recommendations of its own medical and statistical reviewers and approved a new dosage of Alzheimer’s drug Donepezil, even though scientific evidence showed the drug offered “no meaningful added benefit, just more harm"
  • As unbelievable as it sounds, current law makes it illegal for natural supplement and food producers to share science-based, health information with you; you can help by supporting the Free Speech about Science Act (HR 1364), a landmark legislation that would allow the free flow of legitimate scientific and educational information

By Dr. Mercola

Did you know it's currently illegal for a food or supplement producer to tell you about their products' scientifically proven health benefits?

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