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FDA Wants Prescription Drug Vending Machines

FDA Wants Prescription Drug Vending Machines

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  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considering the introduction of “patient kiosks” where you could fill out online questionnaires and, based on your responses to a few questions, self-diagnose a condition and get medications for it that currently require a prescription
  • Drugs for conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma and migraines may soon be easily available over-the-counter or, more aptly, from vending machines in malls or drug stores
  • The majority of Americans are already taking too many drugs and easier access makes it likely that people will take even more, even though many chronic conditions, like elevated cholesterol, are best treated without drugs, and there are many serious health risks to self-medicating and taking multiple medications
  • Drugs should be viewed as a last resort instead of a first choice, as oftentimes your body can heal itself if you give it the proper "tools," including a healthy diet, exercise and stress management

By Dr. Mercola

One day soon you may be able to go to the mall and, instead of leaving with a new pair of shoes or a DVD, pick up a bottle of various prescription drugs, all without ever seeing a physician.

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