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Study Shows Barefoot Running Is Less Efficient

Study Shows Barefoot Running Is Less Efficient

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  • Past research shows barefoot running may make you less prone to injury when done correctly, and there’s also the added benefit of grounding, during which your body absorbs negatively-charged electrons from the Earth through the soles of your feet
  • Several potential flaws about the study have surfaced, including the fact that the runners in the study lacked experience running barefoot, and weights were added to the tops of barefoot runners’ feet, both of which could alter their energy expenditures
  • Because of the lack of shoe cushioning, the entire force of impact with the ground is put on the runner’s leg muscles, which had to work harder when barefoot compared to with shoes
  • Researchers at the University of Colorado found barefoot runners used nearly 4 percent <em>more</em> energy with every step, which suggests it may be physiologically easier on your feet to wear lightweight shoes

By Dr. Mercola

A number of runners who believe barefoot is best may be surprised to learn that a new study shows they may not be getting the boost they thought they were from going without shoes.

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