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Roundup: Used in Gardens Everywhere, This "Biodegradable" Product is Likely Carcinogenic

Roundup: Used in Gardens Everywhere, This "Biodegradable" Product is Likely Carcinogenic

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  • With little or no regulatory restraints, labeling requirements, or scientific protocol, bio-engineers have since the 1990s created hundreds of new genetically engineered (GE) crops and “Frankenfoods.” The latest and potentially most successful strategy to combat this dangerous practice in the US has been to fight for your basic right to know what’s in the food you buy – and to take that battle directly to voters, through citizens’ initiatives
  • 18 states have tried and failed to pass popular GE labeling legislation this year, as cowardly Governors and state legislatures repeatedly backed down under the weight of massive lobbying efforts by Big Biotech, and in some states, threats of lawsuits from Monsanto. We are now on the verge of what could be our first major victory – a citizens’ ballot initiative in California that, if passed, will mark the single biggest victory in the right-to-know battle; finally changing the direction of food and farming in the US

By Ronnie Cummins

It has been a year since the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) joined with Mercola.com, National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), Fluoride Action Network (FAN), Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT), and Consumers for Dental Choice to form a new non-profit coalition, Health Liberty.

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