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Dangerous Diabetes Drug Still on Market Despite Whistleblower Efforts

Dangerous Diabetes Drug Still on Market Despite Whistleblower Efforts

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  • A drug company whistleblower has come forward with a lawsuit against Takeda Pharmaceuticals, stating that its drug Actos is bringing in “tens of billions of dollars in sales” at the expense of the lives of people still taking the drug.
  • The company allegedly under-reported and fraudulently reported serious adverse events linked to Actos, including heart failure, stroke, cancer, suicide, homicidal ideation and more, making the drug appear safer than it actually is
  • The former drug-company insider alleges that Takeda’s corporate culture is riddled with systemic fraud and deceit with motivation to falsely report and underreport not only serious congestive heart failure events, but other serious side effects experienced by people taking Actos, driven by an economic desire to falsely enhance Actos’ safety profile and to increase sales
  • Much of the underreporting appeared to occur from late 2007 to January 2010, just as the news that Avandia was dangerous broke out. By limiting their reports of adverse events, they were able to (falsely) make it appear as though Actos was “a safe alternative” to Avandia, allowing them to gain a significant portion of the diabetes drug market at the expense of patients’ lives
  • The only known way to prevent and reverse type 2 diabetes is to reestablish proper leptin and insulin signaling, which is done through a proper diet and exercise; there is NO drug that can accomplish this

By Dr. Mercola

Hundreds of lawsuits have been filed in connection with the diabetes drug Actos, a drug that France and Germany pulled from the market a year ago after it was found to cause bladder cancer and tumors in people using it for type 2 diabetes.

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