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GMO Foods Poison Your Family - Ignore These Cooked Up Lies

GMO Foods Poison Your Family - Ignore These Cooked Up Lies

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  • In November, California voters will vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on a law to require mandatory labeling of all genetically engineered ingredients in processed foods, and ban the routine industry practice of mislabeling foods containing genetically engineered ingredients as ‘natural.’ Polls show that nearly 90 percent of the state’s voters plan to vote ‘yes’
  • The biotech, agribusiness, and food manufacturers industries are hard at work to prevent the law from being passed. It’s estimated they will spend $60 - $100 million to convince voters that genetically engineered foods are perfectly safe and that labeling is unnecessary
  • Industry-funded front groups masquerading as “grassroots” organizations are helping spin the anti-labeling propaganda machine. The Organic Consumers Association reveals who is working tirelessly to prevent you from having the right to know what’s in your food

By Alexis Baden-Mayer and Ronnie Cummins

What do a former mouthpiece for tobacco and big oil, a corporate-interest PR flack, and the regional director of a Monsanto-funded tort reform group have in common?

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