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The Lies You’re Told about Genetically Engineered Foods

The Lies You’re Told about Genetically Engineered Foods

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  • A recent science-based investigation into the claims of genetically engineered foods concludes that the scientific evidence does not support the safety and efficacy claims made
  • There are three potential sources of adverse health effects from genetically engineered foods: the genetically modified (GM) gene product (for example, the Bt toxin in crops that generate its own internal insecticide); the genetic transformation process; and changes in farming practices
  • Results of genetically engineering crops include toxicity, increased allergenic potential, mutagenic effects, alterations in biological structure and function, reduced nutritional value, increased toxic residues
  • Russian scientists recently announced evidence of “very serious health risks for animals given genetically modified feed.” A number of pathological changes were discovered, including a delay in development and growth; a distortion of the sex ratio in the offspring; and a progressive reduction in the number of offspring up to complete infertility by the third generation of offspring fed genetically engineered feed

By Dr. Mercola

The Atlantic recently reported on the findings of new research into the claims made for the safety and efficacy of genetically engineered foods.

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