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Surprising Links: How Big Banks Manipulate and Influence Your Health

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  • The suppression of natural health treatments can be traced back to the corrupting influences of our private banking system, and the cancer- and drug industries are directly linked to the banking cartel
  • Prosperity can be restored, according to the Public Banking Institute, by instituting a system of publicly owned banks
  • The tyrannical financial structure we’re currently under is supported by the interest siphoned by banks into private coffers, bleeding society dry. The remedy is to replace the privately owned banking system with a public one, where interest is fed right back to the state or local community
  • Currently, 40 percent of the cost of everything you buy is interest. At every stage of development of a product, interest is paid on loans taken out to conduct business. If the state owns the bank and gives out the loans to local businesses, that interest comes back to the citizens of the state

By Dr. Mercola

Ellen Brown is a civil litigation attorney who has written 11 books on health and the politics of health, including the Web of Debt: The Shocking Truth About Our Money System (which focuses on the money and banking system itself), and Forbidden Medicine, which traces the suppression of natural health treatment back to the corrupting influences of our financial system.

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