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Urgent - If You Want to Keep Taking Supplements

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  • Senator Durbin of Illinois launched a “sneak attack” on supplements by attempting to slip an amendment through on the back of a Senate bill scheduled for vote the following day; the amendment (No 2127) would have created unnecessary regulations that could have resulted in supplements being pulled from store shelves
  • Senator Durbin is engaged in an ever-increasing number of attempts to restrict your freedom of choice about your health, in terms of the foods you eat and the supplements you take. Durbin introduced S 1310 in 2011 (Dietary Supplement Labeling Act), a bill that threatens the dietary supplement industry by granting the FDA more power to regulate supplements as if they were drugs, effectively putting supplement companies out of business
  • In a recent speech on the Senate floor, Durbin dispersed blatant misinformation to his legislative colleagues, captured on video
  • Durbin and others would have you believe supplements are dangerous and need further regulation; however, supplements have FAR fewer reported adverse reactions than either drugs or vaccines and are already FDA regulated
  • Legislative tactics such as Amend. 2127 represent part of a plan by the drug industry, in partnership with FDA, to eliminate their primary competition by taking control of the supplement industry, in order to soften the impact of impending decreased revenues from expiring drug patents

By Dr. Mercola

Imagine making a trip to your favorite nutrition store, and instead of finding a cornucopia of supplements of every possible kind, finding nothing but empty shelves. Maybe a handwritten sign taped to the shelf saying, "Unavailable until further notice."

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