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Is Dentistry Finally Entering the 21st Century?

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  • While entrenched pro-mercury interests claim amalgams are necessary as an inexpensive option, once the environmental cost of the mercury is taken into account, an amalgam filling is much more expensive than a composite filling – up to $87 more
  • Consumers for Dental Choice has changed the paradigm in the amalgam battle, but the old amalgam habit is hard to break. The landmark economics The Real Cost of Dental Mercury study tells us why: Dentists who use amalgam are not paying the price of the environmental havoc they are wreaking. Instead, they are passing on that cost to taxpayers who foot the clean-up bill
  • The track record of Consumers for Dental Choice shows the organization is both effective and efficient in its charge to end the use of dental mercury worldwide – from breaking down the gag rule upheld by state dental boards (which did not permit dentists to disclose that “silver fillings” contained toxic mercury), to organizing and partnering with mercury-free dentistry groups around the world in a formidable effort to make sure amalgams are included in the final mercury treaty session in Geneva in January 2013

By Dr. Mercola

Dentists who use mercury fillings claim that amalgam is safe because it's been used for 150 years. More accurately, dental amalgam is a Civil War relic, hardly a point in its favor. It is no better, nor safer, than other discarded medical practices like bleeding patients, administering calomel, and performing surgery with unwashed hands.

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