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Astaxanthin for Heart Health and Chronic Pain

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  • Dr. Robert Corish, author of A Guide to Men’s Health, discusses astaxanthin, one of the most powerful antioxidants currently known
  • Astaxanthin has many unique properties not shared by other carotenoids. It positions itself across the entire cell membrane; attaching itself to both the exterior, interior, as well as the entire lipid layer, thereby offering global protection for each cell
  • While most antioxidants, such as vitamin C and E, can typically only handle one or two free radicals at a time, astaxanthin can neutralize multiple free radicals simultaneously. It can also handle multiple different types of free radical species, whereas most other antioxidants tend to target only certain types of free radicals (which is why you need many different types of antioxidants in your diet)
  • Astaxanthin will never transform into a harmful pro-oxidant, which can happen to other antioxidants once they become depleted
  • No harmful side effects have been noted in any of the safety studies performed on astaxanthin. The only side effect noted is an orange coloring of the skin at very high dosages, around 50 mg/day. Recommended dosages are included, and range from two to 12 mg/day, depending on health status and targeted health condition

By Dr. Mercola

I first met Dr. Robert Corish last year, at the annual Natural Health Expo West in Los Angeles.

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