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Dr. Mercola Talks with Dr. Becker about the Pet Food Industry

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  • The driving force behind the pet food industry is not to create a nourishing, species-appropriate diet for pets; the focus is on making a profit, unfortunately at your pet’s expense.
  • The majority of pet foods on the market contain inappropriate ingredients such as rendered, low-quality protein, corn, soy, wheat and rice. These ingredients contribute to low-grade inflammation, diabetes, obesity, and other diseases in pets.
  • Dogs and cats don’t need carbohydrates, yet most pet foods are full of grains or other starches because they are cheap filler ingredients.
  • Many nutrition courses offered at U.S. veterinary schools are taught by representatives of major pet food companies, which means many vets aren’t capable of offering unbiased nutrition advice for your pet.
  • A properly prepared homemade diet can be very healthy for pets, as long as the proper ingredients are included; if you choose a commercial food, you will need to read the label very carefully to avoid carbohydrates and toxic preservatives. And opt for human-grade, species-appropriate foods only.

By Dr. Mercola

I recently interviewed Dr. Karen Becker, who has been in charge of our Healthy Pets site for the past four years.

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