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Supplement Recommendations on a Budget


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  • Unless you’re addressing a specific disease condition, if you’re on a budget the most important and valuable supplements to consider are vitamin D, probiotics, omega-3, ubiquinol, and astaxanthin
  • Optimizing your vitamin D levels through sun exposure requires you to be diligent about getting outside typically from 1-3pm when the sun peaks during daylight savings time. During months when there’s insufficient UVB penetration, you can either use a safe tanning bed or take oral vitamin D3
  • The most cost effective alternative to high potency probiotics is fermented vegetables. A two to three ounce serving can have 10 trillion beneficial bacteria or 10 percent of your gut flora. Making your own fermented vegetables using a probiotic starter culture can also provide additional benefits, including optimizing your vitamin K2, which is created by intestinal bacteria and is necessary to balance your vitamin D.
  • Most commercially available fish are contaminated with environmental toxins, making them unsuitable as primary sources of omega-3 fats. Krill oil is an ideal replacement, as the DHA and EPA are esterified as a phospholipid, which maximizes absorption and metabolic efficiency
  • Ubiquinol and astaxanthin are typically in a higher price range, but if you can afford them, they offer profound support for general health and disease prevention. Human growth hormone is also important. You can easily replace age-related drop-off of HGH by engaging in high intensity interval exercise and/or in conjunction with intermittent fasting

By Dr. Mercola

First of all, it is vital to understand that the most important strategy you can implement for your physical health is to eat the right foods and commit to an exercise program. Supplements are only complementary to a phenomenal diet, and should never be used in place of nutritious foods.

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