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Common Sleep Mistakes Can Wreak Havoc on Your Health, and Increase Risk of Migraines and Dementia

Proper Sleep

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  • There are a few common mistakes that can rob you of good, restful sleep, including hitting the snooze button; a disorganized and irregular sleep schedule; napping during the day; consuming sugar and/or caffeinated beverages before bed
  • In order to understand why you can't sleep, you need to understand that sleep is an outcome of two types of variables: sleepiness and “noise.” Noise occurs in three zones: the mind, body, and environmental level. If the noise is conceptually greater than your level of sleepiness, you will not fall asleep
  • Migraines and sleep appear to have a distinct, albeit complicated relationship. Both too little and too much sleep can trigger a migraine attack
  • Four recommendations that can help migraine sufferers improve both their sleep and their migraines include cognitive behavioral therapy; using hot and/or cold packs on your head while sleeping; laying down in a cool, dark, quiet room right after taking your migraine medication; reviewing your medications, as some can cause sleep disturbances
  • Seniors with sleep-disordered breathing or sleep apnea appear to have more than twice the odds of developing dementia years later, as do those who develop disruptions of their circadian rhythm

By Dr. Mercola

Sleep is such an important part of your overall health that no amount of healthful food and exercise can counteract the ill effects of poor sleeping habits. Researchers have linked poor sleep to a number of health ailments, from short-term memory loss and behavioral problems, to weight gain and diabetes, for example.

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