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Will the Natural Products Association Live Up to its Name in the Continued Fight for GMO Labeling?

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  • The Natural Products Association (NPA) is the leading trade association for the natural products industry, leading the charge in lobbying Capitol Hill and setting the standards. Yet it opposed California Prop. 37, which would have required genetically engineered products to be labeled and prevented GE-containing products from bearing the “natural” label
  • Shockingly, the NPA’s Natural Standard for Personal Care Products certification does not actually prohibit genetically engineered (GE) ingredients... In fact, a product can contain 100% GE ingredients and still qualify for their Natural certification. This is in direct contradiction to the NPA’s statement that “a product labeled ‘natural’ should avoid any ingredient with a suspected human health risk”
  • The NPA’s member list includes not just trusted natural and organic brands, but also some of the biggest pharmaceutical and chemical companies in the world—in essence some of the premiere opponents to all things natural and/or organic, such as Bayer, BASF and Dupont
  • The Association still has an opportunity to do the right thing to protect consumers and its own members from growing distrust in the “natural” label. GE labeling supporter Roxanne Green from PCC Natural Markets--a certified organic retailer that supported Prop. 37—recently joined the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of the Northwest Chapter of the NPA
  • PCC Natural Markets has already contributed $100,000 in support of I-522 to get it on the November 2013 ballot. The NPA Northwest also announced a $10,000 donation in support of the Washington labeling initiative

By Dr. Mercola

As you've no doubt heard, California Proposition 37, which would have required genetically engineered (GE) foods to be labeled as such and prohibited GE-containing foods to be labeled as "natural" or "all-natural," failed to pass on November 6 by just a few percentage points.

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