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“American Gut” - One of the Most Important Health Projects of the 21st Century

Gut Flora

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  • What might be one of the most important natural health projects of the 21st century—known as The American Gut Project—is about to launch. The project seeks to identify the parameters for the ideal gut flora, and how diet and other lifestyle factors affect it
  • In recent years, it’s become increasingly clear that the microbes in your gut play a much more vital role in your health than previously conceived. In fact, probiotics, along with a host of other gut microorganisms, are so crucial to your health that researchers have compared them to "a newly recognized organ"
  • Gut microbes have been found to influence a number of diseases, obesity, mental health and behavior, and even gene expression
  • Fermented foods, such as fermented vegetables, are the ideal way to optimize your gut flora. Avoiding antibiotics and meats from animals fed antibiotics; processed foods; chlorinated and fluoridated water; antibacterial soap and agricultural chemicals is also important, as all of these promote the growth of pathogenic bacteria

By Dr. Mercola

In association with the Human Food Project, University of Colorado researchers and other scientists and collaborators around the world are launching what I believe might be one of the most important natural health projects of this century.

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