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US Cancer Death Rates on the Decline, But Cancer Incidence is Still Rising. Here’s Why...

Cancer Prevention

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  • Annual report on cancer in the US shows death rate for cancer has, overall, declined by 1.8 percent for men and 1.4 percent for women. Cancer incidence is still rising, however.
  • Pediatric cancer deaths are also declining at a pace of 1.8 percent per year, although incidence is still rising by about 0.5 percent annually.
  • The real reason why after 40+ years of waging “war against cancer,” we have gotten limited results is because the cancer industry is not spending any of its multi-billion dollar resources on effective prevention strategies, which include dietary intervention, exercise and weight control.
  • Death rates from certain cancers are still on the rise, including liver and pancreatic cancer, and among men, rates of melanoma, as well as “HPV-related” cancers, which has prompted many to urge for better HPV vaccine uptake.
  • According to recent research, the claim that HPV vaccination will result in approximately 70 percent reduction of cervical cancers is made despite the fact that the clinical trials data have not demonstrated to date that the vaccines have actually prevented a single case of cervical cancer (let alone cervical cancer death), nor that the current overly optimistic surrogate marker-based extrapolations are justified.
  • Merck’s own research also shows their HPV vaccine, Gardasil, can raise your risk of precancerous lesions by nearly 45 percent if you receive the vaccine after having already been exposed to certain HPV strains included in the vaccine.

By Dr. Mercola

A new report on US cancer rates received extensive coverage in print and online, as well as on two nightly national news broadcasts, where it was featured on many stations for more than five minutes.

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