Fluoridegate—Why is Poisoning of Children Considered a Valuable Public Health Policy?

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  • Fluoride is a toxic substance that is biologically active in the human body where it accumulates in sensitive tissues over time, wreaks havoc with enzymes and produces a number of serious adverse health effects —including neurological and endocrine dysfunction
  • The film, Fluoridegate, places particular focus on how water fluoridation harms young children, as they tend to suffer the greatest health effects
  • 25 human studies have linked fluoride with lowered IQ in children, including recent research from Harvard, and 100 animal studies linking it to brain damage
  • Water fluoridation came about as the result of a massively successful PR campaign, and was reportedly first suggested as a way to protect aluminum and steel producers from lawsuits against the fluorine pollution coming from their plant


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By Dr. Mercola

The debate over the dangers of fluoride has been ongoing for more than six decades. Study after study confirms that fluoride is a dangerous, toxic poison that bioaccumulates in your body while being ineffective at preventing dental decay.

Dr. David Kennedy's documentary film Fluoridegate — An American Tragedy,1 exposes the sordid truth about water fluoridation, and it has nothing to do with promoting dental health.

Water fluoridation came about as the result of a massively successful PR campaign, and was reportedly first suggested as a way to protect aluminum and steel producers from lawsuits against the fluorine pollution coming from their plant.

In fact, what's being heralded as a safe and effective prophylactic against cavities is actually a toxic industrial waste product, and it's being added to water supplies because they have so much to get rid of, and toxic waste disposal is expensive. In a nutshell, a solution was devised in which hazardous waste could be eliminated at a profit.

Water Fluoridation — The Willful Destruction of Children's Health

Dr. Kennedy, who produced and directed the film, is no scientific slouch. He has a BA in Comparable Biochemistry and Physiology, and is the past President of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. He received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Missouri in 1971. He has lectured about the safety of dental materials in the human body to dental professionals around the world, including before the World Health Organization (WHO).

The film includes a number of distinguished professionals;2 scientists, doctors and academics — some of which have paid a very steep price for revealing the toxic truth about fluoride, such as Dr. Bill Marcus, who was the Chief Toxicologist for the Office of Drinking Water at the time.

The US government had completed a cancer study on fluoride, and Dr. Marcus discovered the raw data simply did not fit the final conclusion. He subsequently wrote a report calling for the study to be reopened and investigated. Robert Carton, PhD, a scientist at the EPA, received a copy of the report, and with Dr. Marcus' permission leaked it to the press. Dr. Marcus was subsequently fired and spent the next two-and-a-half years looking for another job.

"While the basis of their motivation remains uncertain, the outcome [of water fluoridation] is crystal clear: it is destroying our nation," the film states.

The film places particular focus on how water fluoridation can harm young children, as they tend to suffer the greatest health effects. One important point to remember, which few pediatricians, dentists or other health professionals stress, is that you should NOT use fluoridated water when mixing infant formula. As Dr. Kennedy states on his website:

"One of California's highest paid and most prolific Fluoridation advocate admits that giving an infant a formula made with fluoridated tap water will overdose the baby and cause the teeth to come in spotted and fluorotic. One can only wonder why such insanity persists in our country when it has been banned in so many other more advanced democracies."

While the CDC has hailed fluoridation as one of the top 10 public health achievements of the 20th century, the evidence is stacking up against such a proclamation. Scientists from the EPA's National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory have classified fluoride as a "chemical having substantial evidence of developmental neurotoxicity," and 25 studies have now reported an association between fluoride exposure and reduced IQ in children — including a recent study out of Harvard, in which the authors noted:

"The results support the possibility of an adverse effect of high fluoride exposure on children's neurodevelopment."

Facts About Fluoride You NEED to Know

You can review some of the documentation gathered together by Dr. Kennedy on the film's website.3 This includes Dr. Marcus' memorandum, surveillance data for dental fluorosis, and more. No matter which scientific studies you examine or which population trends you view, the only rational conclusion you can come to is that fluoride's health dangers far outweigh the marginal dental benefits it might offer. The science is very clear about the following:

  • Fluoride is a toxic industrial waste product that is a poison to your body and in no way a "nutrient," offering no benefits at all to the human body. The fluoride added to water supplies can be contaminated with lead, arsenic, radionucleotides, aluminum and other industrial contaminants. Additionally, the fluoride added to municipal water supplies is not pharmaceutical grade.
  • Fluoride exposure comes from tap water, most toothpaste and many antibiotics, including ones given to farm animals. There is a large variation in exposure levels, making it impossible to accurately predict these variables for any person, family or community.
  • Fluoride exposure for many can easily reach toxic levels. For example, poison control should be called if you swallow a quarter milligram of fluoride from toothpaste. Meanwhile just ONE glass of water can contain this amount of fluoride.
  • Fluoride is a cumulative poison that has been proven to cause wide-ranging, serious health problems, such as damage to your bones, brain and endocrine system.
  • Dental caries can be prevented with means other than fluoridation, thereby avoiding the adverse effects of fluoride.

The Many Health Hazards of Long-Term Fluoride Exposure

It's important to realize that fluoride is a cumulative toxin, which over time can lead to more serious health concerns than dental fluorosis (spotting on your teeth). Skeletal fluorosis from fluoride toxicity can be crippling and even deadly. The neurological effects are also quite disturbing.

As previously mentioned, there are now 25 studies showing fluoride is associated with diminished IQ, even at levels as low as 0.3 to 3 parts per million, which overlaps the range of fluoride added to the water supply in many American communities (0.7 to 1.2 ppm). About 100 animal studies have also linked fluoride to brain damage. Studies have shown fluoride toxicity can lead to the wide-ranging problems listed below.

Increases lead absorption Disrupts collagen synthesis Hyperactivity and/or lethargy Crippling skeletal fluorosis and bone fractures
Genetic damage and cell death Increased tumor and cancer growth Disrupts immune system Inhibits antibody production
Brain damage, and lowered IQ Dementia Arthritis Severe eye problems, including blindness
Impaired thyroid function Bone cancer (osteosarcoma) Inactivates 62 enzymes Muscle disorders

Educate Others — Share the Film

Dr. Kennedy gives full permission to anyone to share the film, in any way possible. Post it to your blog, web site, Facebook or Twitter. Link and embed code can be found here. I also join Dr. Kennedy in urging you to share the film with your government representatives. Their addresses can be found on the US House of Representatives website.4

"By sharing the links with officials via email you are helping us increase awareness where it counts! You may even save the life of a child," he writes.

The fluoride added to water supplies is a toxic industrial waste product. It's not even pharmaceutical grade fluoride, which would be bad enough. At best, it could be viewed as forced medication, given without medical oversight or monitoring, and without regard for dosage or contraindicated health conditions. At worst, it can be viewed as poisoning.

There's no doubt about it: Fluoride should NOT be ingested. At least when it comes to topical application, you have a choice. You can easily buy fluoride-free toothpaste and mouthwash. But you're stuck with whatever your community puts in the water, and it's very difficult to filter out of your water once it's added. Many do not have the resources or the knowledge to do so.


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