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Documentary: Sustainable Table: What's On Your Plate?

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  • The documentary film "Sustainable Table: What’s On Your Plate" takes a revealing look at the war modern-day agriculture is waging against the planet
  • In conventional farming, nature is often considered the enemy – one that must be dealt with using a controlled system of chemicals, irrigation systems, GMOs, fertilizers and other artificial additions to the soil
  • Conventional agriculture’s overexploitation, pollution and other environmental insults made largely over the last half century have resulted in massive ecological degradation; 60 percent of the planet’s ecosystems are now no longer capable of sustaining themselves without human intervention
  • Sustainable agriculture systems, including small organic farms that work with the laws of nature instead of against them, are out there; you can access them by frequenting farmer’s markets, community-supported agriculture programs or by visiting the farm directly
  • You vote three times a day when you choose the foods for your meals. Will you vote for the system that is systematically destroying your health, animal welfare and the planet … or will you support those who are changing the world for the better, one meal at a time?

By Dr. Mercola

At your last meal, did you pay any attention to where the food on your plate came from? It’s a detail that many of us overlook, or think about only in passing, but it’s one that is quite rapidly shaping the future of our planet – and not in a good way.

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