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Are Nightmare Bacteria Coming to a Hospital Near You?

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  • Nightmare bacteria called CRE are nearly impossible to kill because they are resistant to virtually every antibiotic in existence; CRE bacteria are on the rise in medical facilities across America, now detected in hospitals in 42 states
  • The most common form of CRE is a superbug form of Klebsiella, normally a harmless bacteria found in your intestinal tract; children, elderly, sick and immunocompromised individuals have the highest risk of infection; if it makes it into blood your odds of surviving an infection are a dismal 50 percent
  • Not only is Klebsiella resistant to nearly all antibiotic drugs, but it can transfer its antibiotic resistance gene to other bacteria, which is why experts are so concerned
  • Today’s alarming rates of antibiotic-resistant “super germs” result from overuse of antibiotics in both medicine and agriculture; you can reduce your risk by avoiding antibiotic drugs and avoiding consumption of meat and poultry products from concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs)
  • Suggestions are given for optimizing your immune system, decreasing your risk of exposure to dangerous pathogens, and being proactive about your medical care

By Dr. Mercola

Infections associated with antibiotic resistant “super germs” are increasing in hospitals across the United States. First it was MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), once rare but now far too commonplace in medical settings.

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