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GE Trees May Be Even More Damaging to the Environment than GE Foods

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  • The documentary A Silent Forest: The Growing Threat, Genetically Engineered Trees discusses how genetically engineered (GE) trees may adversely impact ecological systems on a grand scale, with potentially catastrophic effects
  • Trees are being genetically altered to give them unnatural characteristics, such as the ability to kill insects, tolerate toxic herbicides, grow abnormally fast, or have decreased lignin for the convenience of the paper industry
  • Genetically engineered trees vastly differ from annual GE crops like corn and soybeans because trees can live for decades and even centuries in the wild; once GE trees escape the confines of their plantation, they are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to eradicate
  • Many trees are able to spread their seeds and pollen for hundreds and even thousands of miles, making native forests vulnerable to cross-contamination, which poses an enormous threat to worldwide ecosystems
  • The biotech industry and US government are rushing ahead without performing appropriate safety studies, doing everything they can to hasten the approval of GE technology while silencing the opposition

By Dr. Mercola

Genetic engineering (GE) of our food supply amounts to a massive science experiment being performed on mankind, without consent or full disclosure. Although the biotech industry continues to claim GE products are safe, the truth is that no one knows what the long-term effects will be, because no one has done the necessary studies.

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