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Is There Reason to Worry About New “Most Lethal” Bird Flu Strain?

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  • According to the World Health Organization, a new strain of bird flu, H7N9, is “one of the most lethal” flu viruses. While it has killed 22 in China, researchers have found NO evidence of sustained transmission between people, which is a prerequisite for a pandemic flu virus
  • Pandemic vaccines are a high-profit, low-risk venture for vaccine makers. They make billions of dollars in revenue while being shielded from liability if the vaccine turns out to be hazardous, like it turned out to be in 2009. They also save money on development, since they can forgo either animal- or human testing—or in an emergency situation, both
  • So far, pandemic flu threats have never been, and likely never will be, anywhere near as lethal as predicted. In recent years we've seen a number of hyped flu pandemics that never materialized. What many don’t realize is that the WHO and CDC and related agencies actually need these faux flu emergencies to fine-tune their strategies and test the latest disease surveillance systems. They also need them to justify their own growth and expansion
  • A healthy immune system is your best and primary defense against any viral threat. Guidelines to help you maintain a robust immune defense are included

By Dr. Mercola

Yep, it's time for yet another pandemic flu drill... "WHO says new bird strain is "one of most lethal" flu viruses," Reuters recently declared.

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