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Getting to the Root of How GMO Plants Harm Food Production and Your Health

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  • The health of the soil has a profound influence on the nutritional composition of the food crops grown in it, which means soil health has a profound influence on your personal health as well
  • Healthy plant growth is dependent on having the right helper organisms in the soil; beneficial species of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, beneficial nematodes, microarthropods, and earthworms, which take the mineral material from the soil and convert it into a plant-available form
  • Once you’ve identified the optimal communities of soil organism, you can modify your compost to correct imbalances. A starter culture can be used to boost the fermentation and generation of beneficial bacteria, much in the same way you can boost the probiotics in your fermented vegetables.
  • For compost, this strategy is used if you want to compost very rapidly. In that case, you can use a starter to inoculate the specific sets of organisms that you need to encourage in the compost
  • Optimizing the soil with high performance agriculture techniques is a simple inexpensive and practical alternative to reliance on bioengineering, GMO crops and reliance on dangerous herbicides

By Dr. Mercola

Optimal health is one of my passions and nutrition is one of the best tools I know of on how to achieve it. But the key to getting healthy organic vegetables, of course, is the health of the soil in which it’s grown.

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