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Really? Never Go Shopping on an Empty Stomach

Food Choices

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  • Researchers have proven that shopping while hungry influences what you buy, making it more likely that you’ll choose higher-calorie foods
  • Shopping when you’re hungry may, in fact, make it more difficult for you to avoid all the junk-food choices lining the shelves, so have a healthful snack before you go to help you resist temptations
  • Supermarkets have many psychological traps inside, which are designed to influence your food choices toward higher-revenue (i.e. junk food) products
  • Using a grocery list, shopping with a basket instead of a cart, leaving your kids at home and shopping the store’s perimeter are tips to help you avoid unhealthful food purchases
  • You can also ditch the grocery store and shop for your food at farmer’s markets, community-supported agriculture (CSA) programs and food co-ops instead

By Dr. Mercola

Do you struggle at the grocery store to stick to your list instead of giving in to junk-food temptations? There’s a simple trick that may help: eating a healthful snack before you shop.

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