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How Baby-Led Weaning Can Help Promote Good Oral and Physical Health in Your Child

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  • Modern Westernized infant and early childhood feeding regimens differ dramatically from ancestral-type feeding regimens
  • 92 percent or more of all Westernized people have some degree of malocclusion, such as crowding of the teeth, narrowing of the jaws, or both. This has ramifications for breathing and sleeping, which in turn can contribute to attention deficit disorder
  • By using baby-led weaning, you can instill in your child a desire for healthy food choices, reduce risk of later obesity and other associated health risks, and promote the natural development of your child’s oral cavity, which could be helpful in preventing sleep problems.
  • Baby-led weaning includes premasticating regular whole foods in lieu of serving processed baby foods. This can be done either by pre-chewing the food before serving it to your baby, or using a mesh feeder

By Dr. Mercola

A topic rarely discussed, yet phenomenally important, relates to the food children and babies are fed, and they way in which they are weaned. This can have a profound impact on your child's future dental and physical health.

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