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Ubiquinol Rescues Simvastatin-Suppression of Mitochondrial Content


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  • Ubiquinol, the reduced form of CoQ10, effectively rescued cells from the damage caused by a statin drug thereby protecting muscle cells from myopathies
  • Patients with statin-associated myopathy who took CoQ10 experienced significantly less pain, decreased muscle weakness and cramps, and less fatigue
  • Statins lower your CoQ10 levels by blocking the pathway involved in cholesterol production -- the same pathway by which Q10 is produced;
  • Supplementing with CoQ10 or, ideally, ubiquinol is essential for preventing serious statin-induced health problems
  • Ubiquinol is not only important for those taking statins, it’s also been found to lower the risk of a variety of chronic diseases and has anti-aging properties

By Dr. Mercola

More than 30 million Americans are now taking statin cholesterol-lowering drugs, but the majority is completely unaware that if you take statin drugs without taking CoQ10 (and particularly its reduced form, ubiquinol), your health is at serious risk.

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