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Scientists Discover That Plants Communicate via Symbiotic Root Fungi

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  • British researchers have discovered plants have a highly complex underground communication network, formed by a type of fungi called mycorrhizae
  • Mycorrhizae attach to the roots of plants, sending out fine thread-like filaments to the roots of other plants and forming an underground web that can stretch dozens of meters in a virtual “plant Internet”
  • These filaments not only increase nutrient uptake 100 to 1,000 times, but also serve as an early warning system to connected plants so they can build up their defenses when a threat presents itself
  • This finding has profound implications for how we grow our food, as we may be able to include “sacrificial plants” marked for pest infestation so that the network can warn, and thereby arm, the rest of the crop
  • You can use commercially grown mycorrhizae in your own ecofriendly garden to boost its nutrient value and overall health, as long as you remember a few basic principles

By Dr. Mercola

Human arrogance has always assumed we are evolutionarily superior to plants, but it appears that modern science may be the antidote to this egocentric view.

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