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The Definition of “Cancer” May Be Narrowed to Prevent Overtreatment of Harmless Tumors

Redefining Cancer

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  • The National Cancer Institute has suggested narrowing the definition of “cancer,” as mounting research shows that many harmless tumors are being overtreated, thereby causing more harm than good
  • About one-third of women currently diagnosed with breast cancer have harmless tumors that pose no threat to their life
  • Only ONE out of 2,000 women screened regularly for 10 years will benefit from screening due to early detection of breast cancer while 10 healthy women will be misdiagnosed and treated unnecessarily
  • Research into the health of our ancient ancestors suggests that cancer is a manmade disease—a byproduct of a variety of harmful environmental and lifestyle factors
  • Preventing breast cancer is far more important and powerful than simply trying to detect it after it has already formed. My top tips on how to help prevent breast cancer are included

By Dr. Mercola

Nearly two million Americans are diagnosed with cancer every year, and one in three will face a cancer diagnosis at some time in their lives. Yet despite massive technological advances over the past half-century, Western medicine is still at a loss for how to rein in its prevalence.

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