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Documentary: Numen

Story at-a-glance -

  • The documentary <i>Numen: The Nature of Plants</i> explores the animated life force in plants and how it is intricately connected with human health and healing
  • The use of plants as medicine is one of the only forms of healing that’s embraced by every culture and ethnicity, and that has endured since ancient times and is still in use today in most areas of the world
  • Unlike synthetic drugs that target one element, a plant is a complex of thousands of biomolecules, many of which are countervailing, so if there’s one effective compound that may have a toxic effect, it usually contains a countervailing compound to counteract its effect
  • You can use plants for healing by eating wisely at every meal, as well as by preparing tinctures or teas from herbs, which you can do in your own kitchen

By Dr. Mercola

Numen is the animated force in all things living, and this is strongly demonstrated, although often taken for granted, in plants.

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