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Breakthrough in the Fight Against Flu: Scientists Move Closer to Universal Vaccine

Flu Vaccine

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  • During the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, those who had more virus-killing immune cells, known as CD8 T cells, either did not get sick or had only mild flu symptoms
  • Researchers believe that getting a vaccine that prompts your body to produce more CD8 T cells may protect you from getting infected with the flu, or at least from having severe symptoms, resulting in a ‘universal’ flu vaccine
  • Vitamin D has a direct immune-modulating effect on CD8 T cells and vitamin-D deficiency may worsen CD8 T-cell deficiency
  • It may be, then, that the best ‘universal flu vaccine’ there is doesn’t need to be ‘developed’ or ‘created’ – it already exists in the form of natural vitamin D

By Dr. Mercola

Flu shots work, or more aptly often don’t work, because they protect against just three or four strains of the influenza virus – those strains of type A or type B influenza that are suspected to be the most commonly circulating in any given year.

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