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How Biochar Can Help Depleted Soils

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  • Biochar is created by slowly heating biomass (wood and other plant materials) in a low-oxygen environment, such as a kiln, until everything but the carbon is burned off and then putting it into the ground
  • Biochar can help reverse rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere; improve overall soil quality, and raise soil’s water retention ability. It may also help “filter” toxic chemicals in the soil
  • Adding biochar to just 10 percent of the world’s croplands would store 29 billion tons of carbon dioxide equivalent. This roughly equals the world’s annual greenhouse emissions
  • More importantly, addition of biochar would radically improve the soil fertility and allow the production of far healthier crops
  • US soils alone could absorb up to 330 million tons of carbon annually with better carbon management practices. That’s enough to offset all car emissions in the US, while simultaneously boosting food production by 12 percent

By Dr. Mercola

Lately, I've become impassioned with high-performance agriculture as an alternative to more harmful agricultural practices such as genetic engineering and chemical-dependent conventional farming.

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