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The Promise of Adult Stem Cells in Disease Management, Anti-Aging, and Life Extension

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  • One of the most promising techniques in the field of radical life extension revolves around the use of adult stem cells to regenerate damaged tissues and organs
  • One hurdle to be crossed is the fact that, especially as you age, you don’t have enough of them to be effectively used in treatment. They also tend to become more dysfunctional with age
  • Dr. Villeponteau has created a company with the technology and expertise to amplify your adult stem cells a million-fold or more, while still maintaining their ability to differentiate all the different cell types
  • Compared to embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells have distinct advantages. They don’t cause an immune reaction, and there are no ethical issues, as they’re your own cells
  • One of the most common treatments using isolated adult stem cells is for knee injuries. It has also been successfully used in people with back problems, and appears particularly effective for joint problems and bone growth

By Dr. Mercola

Since time immemorial, man has searched for the Fountain of Youth. Nothing has changed in that regard, but the methods of inquiry and discovery have certainly progressed.

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